It recently came to my attention that most of the actual code for my old javascript libraries was not accessible from the Wiki. Apparently, I deleted the wrong directory in a spate of cleaning several months back and the links just quietly went dead.

The URL contains an archive that is a little out of date, but should contain most of the framework. (In particular the Recompiler seems to be missing pieces) I haven't had a chance to check it for sanity, completeness or consistency.

It relies on the use of the C preprocessor on the back-end. I may have forgotten some scripts it needs to actually build. I just used a linux box with spidermonkey and rhino to test. If there is any interest I'll try to drum up the rest of the pieces and make things functional, but I haven't heard much chatter about these since I moved things over from

You hereby have the right to use this under the Apache Public License 2.0 with my name substituted in for the Apache Foundation, since thats what I said I would release it under. If you need a more permissive license feel free to ask.