This blog serves – or at least is intended to serve – as a forum for discussing substructural logics, dependent types, type systems, comonads, and whatever strikes my fancy.

The name is based on “The Monad.Reader,” which serves as a place for publishing articles of not-quite-journal quality that pertain to Haskell. As my musings are likely to be similarly suspect, incomplete, or unoriginal the comparison seemed appropriate.

In my case, I am interested in things that haven't caught on in the Haskell mainstream (comonads) or that cannot readily be expressed in the Haskell language (linearity, uniqueness, etc). Hence the slightly esoteric title of this blog, “The Comonad.Reader.”

At other times I'll likely veer off onto a tangent and start talking about 3d graphics, the Plücker quadric, or compiling ecmascript 4.

Edward Kmett