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Portabilitynon-portable (MPTCs)

A Boolean Ring over any Bits instance. Note well that the mappend of this ring is xor. You should use use Ord from Data.Ring.Semi.Ord.Order on Bool to get the '&&'/'||'-based distributive-lattice SemiRing.

Also note that gnegate = id in a Boolean Ring!

module Data.Ring
newtype Boolean a Source
getBoolean :: a
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Bits a => Reducer a (Boolean a)
Bits a => Bimodule Integer (Boolean a)
Bits a => Bimodule Natural (Boolean a)
Bits a => RightModule Integer (Boolean a)
Bits a => RightModule Natural (Boolean a)
Bits a => LeftModule Integer (Boolean a)
Bits a => LeftModule Natural (Boolean a)
Bits a => Module Integer (Boolean a)
Bits a => Module Natural (Boolean a)
Eq a => Eq (Boolean a)
Ord a => Ord (Boolean a)
Read a => Read (Boolean a)
Show a => Show (Boolean a)
Bits a => Monoid (Boolean a)
Arbitrary a => Arbitrary (Boolean a)
CoArbitrary a => CoArbitrary (Boolean a)
Bits a => Multiplicative (Boolean a)
Bits a => Group (Boolean a)
Bits a => Ring (Boolean a)
Bits a => SemiRing (Boolean a)
Bits a => RightSemiNearRing (Boolean a)
Bits a => LeftSemiNearRing (Boolean a)
Bits a => Ringoid (Boolean a)
Bits a => Normed (Boolean a) (Boolean a)
Bits a => Bimodule (Boolean a) (Boolean a)
Bits a => RightModule (Boolean a) (Boolean a)
Bits a => LeftModule (Boolean a) (Boolean a)
Bits a => Module (Boolean a) (Boolean a)
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