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Portabilityportable (although the MTL instances aren't!)
MaintainerEdward Kmett <>
class IxMonad m => IxMonadState m where
iget :: m i i i
iput :: j -> m i j ()
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imodify :: IxMonadState m => (i -> j) -> m i j ()
igets :: IxMonadState m => (i -> a) -> m i i a
newtype IxStateT m i j a
runIxStateT :: i -> m (a, j)
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IxMonadTrans IxStateT
MonadReader r m => MonadReader r (IxStateT m i i)
Monad m => MonadState i (IxStateT m i i)
MonadError e m => MonadError e (IxStateT m i i)
MonadWriter w m => MonadWriter w (IxStateT m i i)
Monad m => IxPointed (IxStateT m)
Monad m => IxFunctor (IxStateT m)
Monad m => IxApplicative (IxStateT m)
Monad m => IxMonad (IxStateT m)
MonadPlus m => IxMonadZero (IxStateT m)
MonadPlus m => IxMonadPlus (IxStateT m)
MonadFix m => IxMonadFix (IxStateT m)
Monad m => IxMonadState (IxStateT m)
Monad m => QFunctor (IxStateT m i) Hask Hask
Monad m => PFunctor (IxStateT m i) Hask Hask
Monad m => Bifunctor (IxStateT m i) Hask Hask Hask
Monad m => Monad (IxStateT m i i)
Monad m => Functor (IxStateT m i j)
MonadFix m => MonadFix (IxStateT m i i)
Monad m => Applicative (IxStateT m i i)
MonadIO m => MonadIO (IxStateT m i i)
MonadCont m => MonadCont (IxStateT m i i)
newtype IxState i j a
runIxState :: i -> (a, j)
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