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Portabilityrank-2 Types required for correctness of shift, but they can be removed
MaintainerEdward Kmett <>
class IxMonad m => IxMonadCont m where
reset :: m a o o -> m r r a
shift :: (forall i. (a -> m i i o) -> m r j j) -> m r o a
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newtype IxContT m r o a
runIxContT :: (a -> m o) -> m r
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IxMonadTrans IxContT
MonadReader e m => MonadReader e (IxContT m i i)
MonadState e m => MonadState e (IxContT m i i)
IxPointed (IxContT m)
IxFunctor (IxContT m)
Monad m => IxApplicative (IxContT m)
Monad m => IxMonad (IxContT m)
Monad m => IxMonadCont (IxContT m)
Monad m => Monad (IxContT m i i)
Monad m => Functor (IxContT m i j)
Monad m => Pointed (IxContT m i i)
Monad m => Applicative (IxContT m i i)
MonadIO m => MonadIO (IxContT m i i)
runIxContT_ :: Monad m => IxContT m r a a -> m r
newtype IxCont r o a
IxCont (IxContT Identity r o a)
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runIxCont :: IxCont r o a -> (a -> o) -> r
runIxCont_ :: IxCont r a a -> r
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